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This is by far the best yoga studio I have ever gone to. The facility is calm and inviting and the location is great for so many people. I take classes several times a week and Patti is a fabulous teacher. The classes I take vary but Patti’s energy and devotion to all participants is noteworthy. People of all ages participate and her classes are usually filled to capacity. My hunch is that this growing business will flourish over the next year as it is expanding every month. I feel so lucky that Butterfly Yoga is available to me!

~Carlene G.

San Mateo, CA

I took my first ever Yoga class this morning. Prior to the class, I had emailed Pattie with some questions and she responded quickly, politely, and with the info that I needed. So before even attending the class I already had a positive feeling.

It turned out that Pattie was the instructor. She was smiling, showed me around so that I felt comfortable and even helped make sure that the mat I brought was going to be OK. As I had never done Yoga before, Pattie was very understanding and told me to just rest if I needed, and that she would show me some modified moves so that I could do the class.

Pattie was amazing! She was patient, spoke clearly, showed us modified moves and came around the class to help our posture. I was very impressed.

I left the class feeling wonderful, my body felt relaxed and not stressed. I can not wait to attend another class.

Thank you Pattie for making my morning

~Cathy S.

South San Francisco, CA

Pattie is a remarkable person and yoga instructor and brings great joy to the practice. Her friendly and gentle nature is so infectious and enhances the benefits from taking her classes. As someone very new to yoga I knew I would love it after my first class with Pattie, she is fabulous! And the meditative quality and calmness she exudes when teaching has been so helpful in my daily life. I’m so glad I discovered Pattie!

~Mark N.

Foster City, CA

I found my new favorite yoga studio!

Some of the highlights –

– Very clean!

– Great atmosphere – friendly and peaceful

– The 3 teachers I’ve experienced have all been very attentive, introducing themselves to me, asking about injuries, and genuinely good teachers

– Parking is a breeze!

– Nice variety of classes

– I love that they do donation-based classes raising money for local charities

Overall, very positive experiences so far and I’m exciting to keep coming back!

~Jessica D.

Foster City, CA

This is my favorite yoga studio. It’s welcoming, clean, and peaceful. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can borrow one for $1. Pattie is my favorite instructor. Her classes are really engaging and I love that we do different sequences each time. I’m always challenged with something new, which keeps things interesting. I’ve only taken classes with 2 of the other instructors, but they were class acts as well. The vinyasa classes are a great workout for me.

If you just want to try it out, take advantage of their new student special: 3 classes for $25. Give yourself a little extra time the first time you come, because Google Maps led me in the wrong direction. Once you find it, you’ll be fine. Parking is super easy.

~Victoria T.

South San Francisco, CA

I really look forward to going to Pattie’s classes. She has a great way of guiding her students through the poses. She is by far, one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever had.

~Tracy W.

San Mateo, CA

This is one of my favorite yoga studios in the Bay Area. Getting back into yoga after a multi-year hiatus, I’ve been taking classes with Pattie and Deborah for a little over 6 months now and both are great teachers. From my experience Pattie’s class always offer something fresh, exciting, and physically challenging, and Deborah does a great job of blending a physical/mental/emotional practice. Their differing styles compliment each other well in my practice. The studio space is always clean and organized, peaceful and inviting.

~John B.

~Hayward, CA

Pattie is the stuff of yoga.  A great instructor who is patient and warm.  My back always feels better after a session.  Highly recommend her classes to those that want yoga in their life.

~Oke L.

Belmont, CA

As good as it gets!

First of all, I need to say that yoga has made an incredible difference in helping my lower back. After trying a couple of chiropractors and acupuncturists, I gave yoga a shot; and lucky me I found Pattie!

I post this review after experiencing several classes with Pattie. All I can say is that she is a wonderful yoga instructor. After overcoming my hesitation to try yoga for the first time, I signed up for private yoga lessons with her. She provides a personalized approach (In my case invaluable since I don’t have the strongest back); always making sure that you achieve the correct posture. The scope of her sessions embraces a remarkable balance between breathing, strengthening and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Butterfly Dance Yoga in San Mateo to my friends and family. After doing some research of yoga classes in San Mateo, I found too many pricey options. However, Butterfly Dance & Yoga prices are extremely reasonable. Each class, Pattie displays a terrific knowledge of Yoga and a great way to pass on that knowledge to you. This is my 3rd month practicing yoga with Pattie and I am not going anywhere.

I highly recommend Butterfly Dance & Yoga.

~Ricardo B.

San Mateo, CA

Pattie is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. I am very picky about yoga instructors and have tried many in this area since I moved here 2 years ago. I’ve lived in a few states and have been doing yoga for years, I’ve seen many instructors out there, and no one compares with Pattie. Her technique and pace are perfect. She brings harmony to the room.

It is great for all levels and after an hour I feel like I had a full body stretch. After her class I feel like my body is fully conditioned with great stretch, strength and mental and physical relaxation. I can’t live without Pattie’s yoga!!! I feel so relaxed mentally and physically after her class, it’s priceless! I would recommend her classes to anyone and would follow her wherever she teaches.

~Olya M.

Foster City, CA

Pattie really is as good as it gets.  I used to dislike yoga.. a lot.. and then found out that it wasn’t the yoga I didn’t care for, but the way the teachers were teaching it. Butterfly Dance and Yoga is by far the best yoga experience I have ever had and it is even very affordable!  I now love yoga and have a greater appreciation for the simple things in life that further create balance and harmony.

~Ellie L.

S. San Francisco, CA

I love Pattie’s yoga classes!  Her style is more “power” yoga with a lot of emphasis on core and flexibililty.  She’s a really good instructor, well-spoken, and provides guidance on proper form.  Pattie also teaches an awesome pilates class where she incorporates “bar” work. She has a pretty extensive ballet background so you are getting solid instruction on the proper exercises to develop that dancer’s body everybody seems to want these days!  =)Your first class is free so it’s pretty easy to try out her class.  After that, the packages are very reasonably priced.  I highly recommend Butterfly Dance & Yoga!

~Virna Q.

Burlingame, CA

Butterfly Dance and Yoga classes are AMAZING!  They are top notch. You can definitely see the difference with a high quality yoga class.  It is so refreshing!  Pattie is the best instructor, and I feel her classes are worth every penny.  She’s super friendly, very knowledgeable, and helps to better your own yoga/pilates experience. The classes are very affordable, and I really like her specials. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

~Michelle B.

Foster City, CA

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