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Workshops 2019


Yoga For Brain Health

With Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Relax and Renew Trainer, and Certified Memory Maintenance Yoga Teacher, Marcie Storch

In this workshop we will review recent studies on dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment and learn about the important link between yoga practice and brain health. Join us to practice gentle asana and pranayama that benefit the brain and experience sensory awareness and improved brain health through mantras, meditation, and mudras.  This also prepares the body and mind to deeply relax and down regulate with a gentle Yoga Nidra practice near the end.  Come away feeling informed and renewed with tools that you can utilize and practice with everyday!

With special thanks to Rivet Revolution, each participant will receive a Rivet Revolution gemstone bracelet.  Rivet Revolution, partnering in the fight to end Alzheimer’s, is devoted to giving hope, beauty and strength to all who wear their bracelets.  www.rivetrevolution.com
Space is limited and advanced registration is required.  $50 registration before September 28.  $55 after September 28.

Yoga For Brain Health with Marcie Storch

Saturday- October 5, 2019

2:30-4:30 PM

$50 with Early Registration before September 28th

$55 after September 28th

*Space is Limited. Register online today!


Roll in the New Year! Whole Body Roll & Release Workshop

ALL LEVELS, 2 hours

With YTU Trainer and Yoga Instructor: Pattie Makuta

Do you carry stress and anxiety in your neck, shoulders and body? Hours spent running around, lifting, holding kids, at the desk, or texting have all taken a serious toll on your body. In this workshop we will release the stranglehold of habitual patterns with yoga therapy balls developed specifically to soften the ropy muscles and thick fascia of the body.

Come and find out how to integrate these balls in your daily routine to open up the parts of the body that yoga poses simply can’t access. This session will focus on the whole body from feet to neck, opening IT bands, shoulders, upper back spine, and even your jaw and facial muscles. It’s therapeutic and unwinding, offering much needed release within connective tissue and postural muscles. Hard to explain, you gotta just dive in and find out for yourself. No yoga experience required – all are welcome!

*Yoga therapy balls will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

Roll & Release with Pattie Makuta


*Space is limited. Register online today!


iRest® Yoga Nidra: A Guided Meditation Workshop

ALL LEVELS, 2 hours

With Yoga Instructor: Julie Mallari, BSN, RN, RYT 200

iRest Yoga Nidra is a powerful evidence-based form of guided meditation that promotes deep relaxation, supports physical and psychological healing and cultivates overall well-being. Practicing iRest encourages meditative inquiry that helps us to look within and discover our innate wisdom, peace and inner strength that pervades in all of life’s circumstances. This workshop series is an opportunity to pause and allow yourself time for personal reflection, deep relaxation and self-care.

The transformative effects of iRest has made it popular in a variety of settings including yoga studios, corporate offices, military hospitals, clinics, correctional facilities and schools. People who practice iRest experience numerous benefits including:

– reduced stress, anxiety and depression

– increased confidence and joy

– reduced insomnia

– improved interpersonal relationships

– decreased heart rate and blood pressure

– increase energy levels and productivity

– increase feelings of peace and overall well-being

– increase resilience in difficult situations

iRest is usually practiced lying down, but can also be practiced sitting. All you have to do is rest comfortably and listen as you are guided through the practice. No previous meditation experience is required. Please dress comfortably. Bolsters and blankets will be provided, but you are welcome to bring an eye cover or any personal props if you wish!

$35 with pre-registration OR $45 at the door

This workshop is now booked FULL. Please check back with us for future iRest workshops with Julie!

Questions? juliemallari@gmail.com


Flow & Glow: Full Moon Practice, Chandra Namaskar

ALL LEVELS 2 hours

with Studio Owner, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Pattie Stafford

Get your inner glow on with gently flowing moon salutations. This is a gentle and restorative flow practice that honors the moon’s feminine and soothing lunar energy, which like everything else in nature, is within our own bodies and within the Self, and so also honoring the Self during this time and cycle of being. In this fluid, meditation in motion we will focus on grounding, letting go, and cultivating stillness in and between flowing and balanced asana (physical pose) sequences. Join Pattie in celebrating this soothing energy of the full moon, while honoring our bodies’ need to rest, restore, and replenish.

As inhabitants of a high-octane, competitive culture, American yogis often gravitate toward practices of fiery, strength-building intensity. In fact, the most ubiquitous sequence in the West is surely the ultimate heat builder, the Sun Salutation. The sequence’s Sanskrit name, Surya Namaskar, is literally translated as “bow to the sun.” And as you lift your arms and then bow down, as you lengthen forward and jump back, you begin to embody solar energy. You stretch, strengthen, and warm your whole being from the inside out. But on days when you’re feeling depleted, overstimulated, or overheated, it’s good to know that Surya Namaskar has a soothing sister sequence known as Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation. As the name suggests, Chandra Namaskar is a quieting sequence that invites you to bow to and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar energy. Yogic texts have long acknowledged that the body has both heating and cooling energies and that yoga and pranayama (breathwork) can help bring them into a balanced harmony. Doing so is part of preparing the body for self-realization. Shiva Rea says that, after many years of an intense “solar” practice, a regular practice of Chandra Namaskar has changed her. “On a personal level, Chandra Namaskar has really helped me become a more full-spectrum yogini,” she says. “We all feel this ebb and flow in our energy, and now I totally value both sides. Instead of feeling like having low energy is a bummer, I now see it as having more meditative energy.” -By Andrea Ferretti

Dates TBA


Breath & Pranayama Workshop

with Studio Owner, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Pattie Stafford


This work will be a wonderful insight into your own breathing practice within and between the yoga asanas (postures). This workshop is perfect for new and seasoned practitioners alike, as it can be a great introduction, as well as an opportunity to understand and reawaken your asana practice to one of the most important aspects for your yoga practice, which is to cultivate ease and awareness of mind and body. This may be one of the most difficult aspects to learn and even to teach, but it is one of the most important and essential.

Along with learning and practicing a beautiful array of pranayama practices (therapeutic/yoga breathing exercises), we will also approach the asana practice from a new perspective and learn how to develop and come into our most powerful and effective yogic breathing. Beginning first, by watching the demonstration of the asana as well as the transitions, allowing time to process physically what is needed, while also listening to quality of breath, and watching for where the breath expands. We will then execute and practice the asanas and movement with our own breath, and on our own time, fully observing ourselves and our breath without judgement, anticipation, or having to follow along with the rest of the class.

This practice of observation and awareness solely on ourselves will also help us to become more and more in tune with our bodies and our own breath within a regular class or vinyasa practice (moving with breath together, guided by physical or verbal cues of the instructor).

Breath & Pranayama Workshop

Dates TBA


Hot Hula Fitness(R)

This Tahitian- Polynesian dance based cardio class targets hips, legs and abs, and is a fun way to blast fat and tone your bod, keeping you beach ready all year round.  You also develop grace, musicality, and coordination while dancing to the traditional island drums as well as modern hip-hop and reggae music.  This class will lift your spirits and get your hips movin and shakin!

*All levels and ages 12 and up are welcome.

Dates: TBA