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Butterfly Yoga’s mission is to promote transformational fitness, wellness, and joy through mind-body awareness practices. We believe in empowering people to take charge of their health and well-being by nurturing self-worth and gratitude, building a strong foundation for personal practice, and by giving supportive and compassionate guidance, while offering effective, versatile, and inspiring Yoga-Movement practices.

We are committed to meeting you where you are and helping you open to the possibilities with a practice that will grow and change with you throughout your journey.

Our smaller group classes, workshops, and guest teacher offerings are intended to offer attentive, customized instruction and will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed, uplifted, and renewed!

At Butterfly Yoga, we want to be a community that our members can turn to in good and in difficult times, and we are committed to supporting your practice however possible.

Our Team

About Pattie

Pattie feels so very blessed to have been able to teach and share her love for dance and yoga for a total of over eighteen years.  Her innate affinity for expression through movement led her to excel in ballet at a young age.  By 16, she became a dancer and later a soloist for the Utah Ballet company, and also began teaching all levels of ballet from toddlers through advanced students.  Pattie also received many scholarships to the University of Utah as a ballet major of fine arts where she studied ballet technique, performance  repertoire,  jazz,  modern dance, Pilates, teaching technique, and kinesiology.  She continues to dance and perform in the bay area whenever possible.

Curiosity for yoga began in 2003, after which she was immediately drawn to the discipline and philosophy of yoga.  Many years of dedicated practice brought her to a realization of peace and purpose.  Pattie’s passion and dedication is focused on sharing the many gifts of yoga and movement, and offering supportive guidance in this lifelong journey of exploration and discovery of our inner space, the body, mind, and spirit.  Pattie creatively integrates her experience with dance, Yoga, Pilates, and creative movement.  She emphasizes the connection between grounding, alignment, core strength, joint mobility, and powerful breath through intelligent and effective asana (physical pose) sequences, breathing practices, and unique exercises. 


Her philosophy and teaching methods foster a spirit of curiosity, compassion, awareness, peace, and gratitude and will transform your physical practice into an intimate understanding and exploration of connection and Self.  Her classes will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed, uplifted, and renewed with motivation to cultivate and celebrate a way of life that brings strength, stability, and joy to all aspects of being.  Pattie currently teaches classes and workshops that integrate targeted self-massage, core strengthening, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Buti® Yoga,  and Yoga Tune Up®.

About Olga

Born in Minsk, Belarus where temperature ranges from negative 10s °F in winter to 90s °F in summer. My childhood was filled nature outings, other than that there was not much to do. I rode my bike a lot on roads known and unknown, went out in the woods picking up berries and mushrooms. I took my first yoga class in 2007. Ever since then I can’t live without my mat. It provides me with gentleness, consistency and inspiration — things so often missing in day to day life. Outside of the studio I’m a busy mom of three lovely girls. 


My fitness journey started in 2014 with 200 Hour Yoga Alliance training at Avalon Art & Yoga Center in Palo Alto. I obtained additional yoga certifications from Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in San Francisco. I am a certified Barre instructor, personal trainer and Inferno Hot Pilates instructor. 


I especially love teaching Core Sculpt and Vinyasa. As powerful and graceful those routines are I enjoy the most how quickly and effortlessly they help me reset mentality. My goal is to help students unwind and disconnect from their busy routines. 


I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes. 

About Grace

Yoga found me at the gym in 2000 when I was a Type A achiever, building tech companies and ticking off my bucket list. After just three months of practice, my chronic back pain disappeared, my stress and anxiety melted away, and I finally learned to exhale. That's when I knew I had to make yoga a regular part of my life.


Years later, when my job, relationship, and home crumbled around me, yoga gave me the clarity and gumption to make the necessary changes. From that moment on, I've been a voracious student. Why did yoga work when so many therapies and treatments failed?  How can we release trauma from our bodies and minds? How can we leverage the practice to live our best life? These questions have fueled me for the last 10 years.


Now, at an age when many of my peers struggle with pain and health issues, I am grateful that yoga has kept me healthy and active. I can eat whatever I want and stay lean, pick up snowboarding and rock climbing with ease. Every day, I wake up feeling more love, joy, and peace. I know I'm on the right path and I feel blessed witnessing the glow on people's faces after my bodywork sessions and yoga classes.


Teaching since 2015, I strive to make my classes fun and challenging. They're breath-based, intelligently sequenced, and alignment-focused. I draw from a variety of traditions like Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Parayoga, and more. My classes pay homage to the many great teachers who have guided me on this journey, including Rusty Wells, Jillian Glikbarg, Jonathan Rickart, Noah Maze, Kia Miller, and many more. I also integrate wisdom from bodywork and spiritual teachings.


So, come join me on the mat and take a step towards a healthier and happier you. You'll gain strength, flexibility, and the tools to handle life's curveballs. And if you're interested in arm balances and inversions, you'll get there too! But most importantly, my classes are an invitation for you to find peace and harmony within yourself and the world around you, and to live your best and healthiest life.

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